Beastie Boys Do It Once Again

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. The Beastie Boys are a bunch of geniuses. The first part of their genuis was by giving cameras to fans at the concert and letting them film–sheer creativity and then releasing it as a feature film. The second part of their genius was what they did to the 50 some Hi8 cameras they gave to the fans–they “put them back in their boxes and returned them for a refund…” Yauch had this to say about it: “This is low-budget filmmaking, after all. Plus, what the hell am I going to do with that many camcorders?” Again call it what you may but I call it genius. Then savmac over at Digg posed the question: “Does this mean after watching their movie, viewers can get a refund?” Well, what I say is somebody try it. Considering how this whole project got started by a phonecam video clip that: “someone had taken at one of our shows. It was really grainy and shaky, but I loved how it was shot from eye level and showed a personal take on what was happening onstage.” Somebody may as well try it and see.


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