Google Desktop Banned?

In the UK certain companies are banning employees from installing Google Desktop on company computers due to the fear that it might leak coporate data and stuff. Well if they fear that then why in the world is the IT department of these companies allowing employees to install software in the first place. True, it is the enterprise version of the software but yet if is has had this concern why did they install it in the first place? They’ve said, “Google has crossed the line from Desktop as a personal search engine to being a tool that can be used to exploit security weaknesses. The sending of data back to the servers only confirms the security risk.” If they knew this then why did they do it? They shouldn’t blame Google for their ingenuity they should be complaining that they have a risk–they are the ones with the risk–so fix it on your end and stop banning Google. I’m I looking it the wrong way? I don’t know.


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