Monthly Archives: March 2006

Googleblog Might Be Lying

I agree with Chrono Tron when he states: “Googleblog was NOT down to deletion of the blog by one of their own bloggers.” Why? Well, I don’t know if anyone recalls the incident when all of Google went down for the count and they said it was due to the installation of new software that caused the downage. Yet many believe–or more like speculate that it was due to the Google Web Accelerator and its unprecedented suck of bandwidth from the Google Servers. So yeah I can see why Googleblog might be lying. The question with both of these things is why?


If God were a Programmer–Jokes Though

Continuing with on with the series of the written in C. I read this and I almost cried out laughing. It is just simply too funny. Wow. I mean you really could come out with a ‘bible’ that was ‘configured’ to have all of these things in and I bet you it would sell like crazy. It’s a great read and even funnier when you revisit the other things concerning women written in C.

Researchers Need to Make Up Their Minds

To have brain tumors or not to have brain tumors. I’ve read so many articles about whether cell phones cause or cannot cause brain tumors or if they pose a risk of brain tumors or not. After having read this article I am convinced that the argument maybe compared to the pronouciation of tomato or potato. Researches need to make up their minds.

NES Cartridge Hard Drive Holder

This a cool mod where you basically just take out some screws and wear down some other screws and then place the hard drive there. Of course there are other steps involved. It’s cool though.

Spyware For Cell Phones

I think this has been taking off in the last few years due to the connectivity of recent phones to the internet and whatnot. So in actuality it was only a matter of time before something like this becomes a little more ‘mainstream’ or something to that extent. We’re going to have start putting firewalls on cell phones. Hahahahah. Okay well, maybe not that serious.

Apple’s 30th

April 1st is Apple’s 30th birthday. It is also the date which Gmail was launched as well. I was reading this article by Chris Steven who says that if Apple won’t release anything I guess ‘worthy’ of it’s 30th birthday that he’ll…’kill’ himself…?! I’m really not getting it–or catching his drift, of course April 1st is also April Fools so yeah but this statement from Chris Steven makes me wonder though: “literally out on the window ledge… if Apple doesn’t deliver, will there be any choice for the self-respecting hack but to die with honour?” So…yeah, um anyways someone should tell Google to release the Google Browser or the Google OS…Oh, wait…hold on.

(dmotion clears throat) Google, would you please release something on April 1st? Like the rumored Google Browser, the Google OS, Google TV, or anything else you might have. Thank You For Your Time. Have A Nice Day.–dmotion.

Anyways I wonder what this guy will do. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Bush Signed A Bill Into Law

“So what?” you ask me. So what about the a law? Well it was a law that was signed that was never passed by the House…so…well that ‘violated’ the School House Rock song: “I’m just a Bill” for it says: “The House passes a bill, the Senate passes the same bill, the president signs it.” And violating that song is sort of like blapshemy and that’s just wrong…right? Well actually it’s unconstitutional and that is wrong. I guess he never heard that song and it wasn’t on his iPod. Heh. Yet he knew it was a problem. Again, Heh.