FaceBook Error?

Messing around with Facebook I was lead to a blank account with the following:

My Account

Upload an Image View My Profile

Edit My Profile

View Message Board

View My Messages

View My Stats

There is 1 person in your group.[ View Profile ]You have no comments on your message board.[ View Board ]  

The Next Step

Check out your group profile here.

When following the link to see the one person that was in ‘the group’ it lead back to: http://harvard.facebook.com/ and other stuff added to the end. At the top it states: “‘s Profile (You are an admin)” Did Mr. Mark Zuckerberg pull a boo boo? I don’t know what it is but it has something to do with business at home or something. It could be something–it could be nothing. But why in the world would I get something like this not being logged into Facebook, huh? Anyways it’s quite interesting.


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