Don Knotts

I read of this and it surprised me. Don Knots dead at 81 of pumonary and repsitory complications. I make this note however that I didn’t read that particular post for which I linked to, but it was the most informative. However it has made me wonder however if there is an age when actors can longer work. Here’s what I was thinking. Note however that this is but a random thought of mine and nothing more. So being warned I shall now proceed. Let us say that there is a certain actor that is advanced in age and is a lead or a supporting lead in a movie and let us presume that they happen to pass away. What happens then? Is there is some type of insurance that filmmakers or studios take out for such a thing. Or is something that Tinsel town takes no thought of. Does the studio, the filmmakers just release the movie and due to the press of the actor’s death they see it more as a boost for a movie then a targedy? I don’t know and actually I think Hollywood doesn’t really give a crap…or do they? I don’t know if I want to know either way. Just a thought.


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