iPod + Congress

I think this is the one of the greatest idea that has come about in a while to combat the “hearing on the ‘Broadcast Flag‘ and ‘Audio Flag,’ a set of proposals by the MPAA and RIAA that would stifle innovation by giving content holders a virtual veto over new technologies and existing user rights,” by “buying a video iPod for the campaigns of Senators who work on legislation affecting technology. Plus, we’re going to pre-load each one with examples of the cultural richness made possible by sharing and collaboration – public domain content, Creative Commons content, and audio messages about the importance of balanced copyright policy.” This came about due to the Daugther of Senator Stevens from Alaska buying him an iPod and then saying he, “had a much greater understanding of the many ways innovative technology can create choice for consumers.” But the question at the table is this, will it work in the way that they are seeking for it to work? Hey I hope it does work.


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