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Photos On:

Recently blogs Celebrity Aphrodite and Hotstuff were deleted due to “the increased chances of being sued.” Why do I bring this up? Well I wouldn’t have if I had not read what I read over at The Raw Feed about how Blogger never deletes these pictures. The interesting thing to note here even though this is all speculation is that if it is true let us say that if either one of these blogs uploaded pictures through Blogger; are the Bloggers, Google, or both subject to ‘prosecution’ as was stated on the last post of the above mentioned sites? For it reads: “ANY images from Body in Mind appearing on any websites except Body in Mind constitute an infringment of copyright and are NOT in the public domain. Posting photos from Body in Mind or providing links to downloads of Body in Mind photos is against the law and punishable by up to $150,000 per infringement plus possible criminal punishments consisting of fines up to $1 million and prison terms up to 5 years.
ALL violators will be prosecuted.” Let us now bring to mind Google’s brush up with Perfect 10. Please do not tell me that there is a similar like entity like the MPAA or the RIAA for pictures because that just messed up. Or no…let me guess, all of a sudden the MPAA and the RIAA are going to jump into the pictures scene and are going to start suing Flickr users, Imagebucket, and whatnot just like they’ve sued sites for ‘piracy’ right? Freakin’ MPAA and RIAA–need to be sued for freakin’ suing infringement or something. Anyways there’s a thought.


FaceBook Error?

Messing around with Facebook I was lead to a blank account with the following:

My Account

Upload an Image View My Profile

Edit My Profile

View Message Board

View My Messages

View My Stats

There is 1 person in your group.[ View Profile ]You have no comments on your message board.[ View Board ]  

The Next Step

Check out your group profile here.

When following the link to see the one person that was in ‘the group’ it lead back to: and other stuff added to the end. At the top it states: “‘s Profile (You are an admin)” Did Mr. Mark Zuckerberg pull a boo boo? I don’t know what it is but it has something to do with business at home or something. It could be something–it could be nothing. But why in the world would I get something like this not being logged into Facebook, huh? Anyways it’s quite interesting.

Fake Apple Fullscreen Video iPod?

This is a very well made video of the Fake pic of the Apple Fullscreen Video iPod? I don’t know but it’s cool.

Apple To Buy Disney?

Now why in the world would Apple want to buy Disney? Now I know of all the entertainment implications that such a purchase would incur but why–and why Disney of all the companies that are out there? Are there not other fishes in the sea? Also I think I would look at Apple with different eyes if they went ahead with such a thing as this.

Don Knotts

I read of this and it surprised me. Don Knots dead at 81 of pumonary and repsitory complications. I make this note however that I didn’t read that particular post for which I linked to, but it was the most informative. However it has made me wonder however if there is an age when actors can longer work. Here’s what I was thinking. Note however that this is but a random thought of mine and nothing more. So being warned I shall now proceed. Let us say that there is a certain actor that is advanced in age and is a lead or a supporting lead in a movie and let us presume that they happen to pass away. What happens then? Is there is some type of insurance that filmmakers or studios take out for such a thing. Or is something that Tinsel town takes no thought of. Does the studio, the filmmakers just release the movie and due to the press of the actor’s death they see it more as a boost for a movie then a targedy? I don’t know and actually I think Hollywood doesn’t really give a crap…or do they? I don’t know if I want to know either way. Just a thought.

The Bourne Ultimatum

A recent development in the Bourne Ultimatum is that they have come out and said that the series may continue further and that it is all up to Matt Damon. What worries me however is that they haven’t started casting yet. But having stated that the series may go on further means that they might come out with The Bourne Legacy. I’ll just have to wait.

A Scanner Darkly Second Trailer

Well the second trailer (well actually the other one wasn’t that much of a trailer) for A Scanner Darkly has come out. Apparently after it was released first out on cell phones? I hope it comes out soon…like in 5 months, But I think it’s coming out this summer however. You can just wait a while and just watch the trailer like a dozen times or you can look at this first draft of the script in the meantime. Here it is in HTML if you don’t want to download it.