Stealing Windows Code

I remember when the Windows code was leaked on the internet and thinking to how it happened–then I remembered that Windows has a huge hole, or that it is a hole. But anyways I guess this was the guy that did it, Willian Genovese Jr., living in Connecticut or “illwill.” He was sentenced to two years Prison on Friday. For “stealing the source code to Microsoft’s Windows Operating System, along with many other prized products. Genovese posted a message on his Web site offering the code for sale on the same day that Microsoft learned significant portions of its source code were stolen. Genovese was arrested when an investigator for an online security company hired by Microsoft and an undercover FBI agent downloaded the stolen source code from his Web site after sending him electronic payments for it.” One thing is for sure I agree with my friend Chrono Tron about Microsoft getting a deal with the guy to learn of holes in their security and then plug it. Because if, “Microsoft is not sure as to how the source code was stolen…” and yet it was this guy must know something that they don’t know.


One thought on “Stealing Windows Code

  1. I don’t think they would do it… Something like Fraternising with the enemy is what they would say, but then you know the old say “If you can’t beat em…”.

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