Looking Out For No. 1

This article is full of numbers and it is no surprise as it is in relation to numbers. Usually I would pass reading or writing on things of this sort but I found this one particularly interesting. The article is on the subject of Benford’s Law or the first-digit law which says that in lists of numbers from many real-life sources of data, the leading digit 1 occurs much more often than the others (namely about 30% of the time). “So what?” you ask me. Well, the I found the article interesting as it spoke of this mathematical theorem known as “a powerful and relatively simple tool for pointing suspicion at frauds, embezzlers, tax evaders, sloppy accountants and even computer bugs.” So I began to think to myself that such a thing could actually be maybe somehow applied to the problem of spam and things of that sort. “How?” you may ask. I really don’t know off the top of my head. Hey I only said I found the article interesting and that I had that thought come to me not that I had actually come up with the implementation of it. But when and if I do I’ll make sure to write about it.


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