iPod Service Request

I think the only reason that I am writing about this is because I come across so many people that have problems with their iPod and don’t know what to do with them. So here it is:

“If the troubleshooting steps did not solve your issue, your iPod may need to be serviced. Before you send your iPod for service, you should try the following steps:

  1. If your iPod is frozen or won’t turn on, your iPod may be paused or on “hold.”
    Slide the Hold switch and check the screen.
  2. If your iPod is frozen or won’t turn on, connect your iPod to your computer, then press and hold the “Menu” and “Select” buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds to reset the iPod. Don’t worry. Resetting an iPod will not affect your files or preferences.
  3. If your iPod won’t turn on, your iPod may not be charged. Connect your iPod, wait for a moment, turn the power on, and check the screen. If you have an iPod nano, Fifth Generation iPod, or an iPod mini (Second Generation), you may have to wait up to 30 minutes before it is charged enough for the computer to recognize it.
  4. If your iPod fails to hold a charge and it’s more than a year old, you may need a new battery. Select a country and language below, enter your iPod serial number, then click Continue to order iPod battery service.
  5. If your iPod headphones aren’t working, try connecting them to your computer’s audio output or another audio device that has a 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack. If the issue persists, use the form below to order replacement iPod headphones.

Note: iPod equipment that is sent in for battery service or service requiring other repairs will be replaced with functionally equivalent new, used, or refurbished iPod equipment. You will not receive the same iPod that was sent in for service.

Click for USA, Canada, UK, or Australia iPod service information and pricing.

If your iPod’s LCD display is cracked due to accidental damage, do not send your iPod in for service. Coverage for this type of damage is excluded under Apple’s Limited Warranty for iPod and AppleCare Protection Plan for iPod, and service is not available under the terms of Apple’s Repair Terms and Conditions.

If you have questions about the iPod service process, see the iPod Service FAQ for more information, or check your repair status here.”

If you have an iPod shuffle, go here for service information.

That should help some.


One thought on “iPod Service Request

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