If Women Were Written In C–But What About Men?

In referencing Chron Tron‘s post of the Structure and Function of Girls I brought up the query if the code is open source or not. He responded saying, “Hey, A Good Question and I’ll try giving an answer, my level best, though I like arguing from both sides of the coin.

Why The Source is Open-Source::

1) Open Source is currently the hottest movement around without doubt.
2) The source can be clearly seen in the program itself and it’s functioning.
3) The Bugs of Open-Source software can be found immediately.
4) Certain pieces of this software allow free re-distribution.Why not Open-Source:
1) Open Source can be edited by absolutely anyone, can the creations above be even changed.
2) Open Source is free. Period! The rest are expensive.
3) Illegal to posses more than 1, though different copies can be possesed at different places. (More than 1 License)
4) In Open Source bugs can be immediately fixed. Can they be, here? Here most probably bugs are never fixed, even if they are told.”

So now I raise yet another query, if women are written in C then what about men? Are they the OS and if so does that mean the women are cross platform? Or are they yet still in development? If they are cross platform does that mean the code is not only in C but also in Java, Python, or Perl? If so then that would explain ‘interfacing’ and ‘compability’ right? Maybe I am reading too much in between the lines or maybe we are actually in the process of something great, Heh. Who knows this could in the future be used to write the code for the A.(rtificial) I.(ntelligence) of a female android. Nah, I think I am being too optomistic.


One thought on “If Women Were Written In C–But What About Men?

  1. Only god can answer that one..Cheers!

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