Boondock Fight Between The Boondocks And Al Sharpton

Apparently there was an episode of The Boondocks, which I didn’t see, wherein Martin Luther King Jr. drops the N-bomb. Al Sharpton said that, “Cartoon Network must apologize and also commit to pulling episodes that desecrate black historic figures. We are totally offended by the continuous use of the N-word.” But my question is did he see the episode? The episode entitled: “The Return of the King,” came on TV January 15th the day before the MLK holiday on Adult Swim. The episode was about what would or might have happened if King wasn’t assassinated in 1968 and how he would do upon seeing today’s culture. What basically happens is, “King delivers a fiery oratory blasting sexually aggressive hip-hop videos. In McGruder‘s satiric vision, King and his famously nonviolent ways are seen as traitorous in the post-9/11 world. King’s declared a terrorist sympathizer, and he forsakes the U.S. for Canada, where his speech sparks a second civil rights movement.” Cartoon Network stated the following, “In no way was [the episode] meant to offend or desecrate King’s legacy…We think Aaron McGruder came up with a thought-provoking way of not only showing Dr. King’s bravery but also of reminding us of what he stood and fought for, and why even today, it is important for all of us to remember that and to continue to take action.” Now I am in no place to say that due to the circumstances this instance of the saying of the word was justified but I will say that it is debateable. I like The Boondocks and think the show is great. Then again that’s just me. Also here’s another thing I’ll throw out there The Boondocks was nominated for NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Comedy Series.


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