Get $4000

To “hack WindowsXP to run on a MacTel” The rules are the following:

1. Instructions must boot Windows XP (at least), not Vista or any other version of Windows.
2. Windows must be able to coexist with Mac OS X and each system may not interfere with the operation of the other (basically a traditional dual boot system where one OS is running at a time)
3. Your method, upon starting the computer, must offer the user to boot either OS X or Windows XP (hint: GRUB)
4. The first person to email complete instructions, including pictures of the boot process to will be the winner. Instructions will be peer reviewed once they are received and once the solution is guaranteed working, the prize money will be transferred via paypal
5. You give this website the rights to post your solution
6. If it is determined impossible to boot Windows on the Mac by March 23, 2006, all donations will be donated to a charitable cause (please send suggestions to If you donated prior to 2006/01/23 2:10pm CST, and you do not wish to donate to charity, I will return your money minus the paypal fee
7. You cannot use virtualization software such as Xen or VMWare


One thought on “Get $4000

  1. […] I guess it’s not $4000 anymore but, “a prize of $6000 and higher,” that will, “will be awarded to the first person or group that can successfully install Windows XP on the new Intel Core Duo based Macs.” So says this article at Daily Tech. But they do not really cite the, “Mac user,” who, “has launched,” the contest. They do however link to this article over on Information Week which does cite WinXP on Mac so long thing short the bid is growing higher and higher. What I think is happening is that someone has done it or knows how to do and they are waiting for the bid to go higher. Or something like that. […]

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