RIAA and MPAA Want To Outlaw It Before It’s Made

Before what’s made? Anything, any technology that they have not approved. “In other words, if it does anything heretofore unheard of with the digital content that it receives, then it’s illegal.” I think the author of the article puts it the best, “But I hate to end a post on a sour note, so here’s a thought to cheer you up. This ‘customary historic use’ thing reminds me of something I once read in a history of Japan that I picked up on sale at Borders. (I’d give the title, but I’m not at home so I don’t have the book handy. It wasn’t very good anyway.) At the height of their cultural power, the samurai were authorized to kill peasants for an insane number of reasons, including ‘acting in an other than expected manner.’ So look on the bright side: at least we don’t live in feudal Japan… yet.” So ladies and gentlemen here comes the judge and they’re wanting to control everything that they don’t like and like. In other news the RIAA and MPAA tripled profits despite illegal downloads.


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