Google Says No To The White House

What happened was that, “Ashok Ramani, Google’s lawyer, replied in a letter to the White House that the internet giant – whose corporate motto is “Don’t be evil” – would not hand over its records,” as well as, “that the subpoena also threatened to expose some of Google’s ‘crown-jewel trade secrets’. Google is concerned that its requests could be used to deduce the size of its index and how many computers it uses. ‘This information would be highly valuable to competitors or miscreants seeking to harm Google’s business’.” Then to further promote Google’s stance, “Pam Dixon, the executive director of the World Privacy Forum, told the Associated Press that Google was right to resist the requests.” I agree with the article in the following statement, “This is exactly the kind of thing we have been worrying about with search engines for some time. Google should be commended for fighting this.” I believe that Google has lived up to it’s motto and that it will continue to do so. Good job Google.


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