Wikipedia And Hacker Bout

Apparently the German Wikipedia got a court order to shut itself down. The court order was brought by the parents of Boris F.(loricic) or Tron because they objected to the fact the German Wikipedia entry on Boris was naming his full name. (Let’s hope I don’t get in trouble too.) Tron became famous due to the unclear circumstances of his death which are surrounded by various conspiracy theories. Tron went missing on 10-17-1998 and was found dead in a local park Neukoelln in Berlin on 10-22-1998 hanging from a waistbelt wrapped around his neck. The cause of death was officially recorded as suicide. His former peers in the Chaos Computer Club, his family members and others, think he may have been murdered due to his activities in the areas of Pay TV cracking and voice scrambling that may have disturbed affairs of an intelligence agency or organized crime thus leading to his death.


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