Getting A Job Via eBay

Well John Davis who recently graduated from UCSD with a Bachelors degree in Aerospace Engineering in June 2005 from the University of California is placing himself up for bidding with a starting bid of: $46,728.75. He is auctioning is himself, or his services to an engineering company for 1 year.  He says, “The price is 15% off of what the recomended salary would be, on average, for a level 1 aerospace engineer living in the San Diego area ($54,975).  While the price is for a full time job, I am also accepting part time and paid internships opportunities.  The price initially was per month which is not allowed on eBay I found out, so now it is a yearly salary.” Well certainly it is a very interesting way to get a job and I hope he is rewarded for his efforts of creativity.


One thought on “Getting A Job Via eBay

  1. […] Anybody remember getting a job via eBay? Yeah well this is getting a job via Digg and Blogspot. I don’t know. I think I may try it if it works. Who knows it might start a new trend of getting jobs–it most certainly change the way people see resumes. “Oh, um, have you ever been advertised online? […]

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