Massive Financial Implication In Outlook Vulnerability

A vulnerability that if exploited an attacker “could own every Outlook user in the world within a week.” All that is needed for such a thing to happen? A simple email message. Windows is crippling, I think that all these holes and vulnerability in Windows has a massive financial implication on Microsoft as well as it users. But when will we come to see someone casting some type of blame on Mircosoft for lost this or lost that. Can Microsoft be held liable for it’s vulnerabilities and it’s flaws. Should it? In other words is it just a matter of time before we see a lawsuit againist Mircosoft for their multitude of vulnerabilities, holes, flaws, and the rest? Or is it just something that those who have been under the arm of Mircosoft Windows have to deal with and Microsoft takes no responsibilty for it’s crippling OS?


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