Anonymity Is Good

but it won’t kill the internet. In a recent Wired News Article entitled: Anonymity Won’t Kill The Internet states that, “the problem isn’t anonymity; it’s accountability” that is needed across the internet. Too make a long article short it just basically says that any system where there is anonymity is bound or is destined to fail. Putting forth as an example the abandoment by Wikipedia for anonymous editing of an article. The article however states that it is not anonymity but accountability that is the problem and not the other way around. Which therefore leads to why anonymity is good for “we live in a world where the police and the government are made up of less-than-perfect individuals who can use personal information about people, together with their enormous power, for imperfect purposes. Anonymity protects all of us from the powerful by the simple measure of not letting them get our personal information in the first place.” So by eliminating the ability to become or to be anonymous we open the doorway for those more powerful than us to control us. Simply stated anonymity is good.


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