Waking Up Drunk

Sleep Inertia‘, or the moments right after you wake up ‘may’ be as bad or as worse as being legally drunk. Wow. This is just great then. This ‘Sleep Inertia’ “usually lasts for at least a few minutes but may be detectable for up to two hours”. So this could explain a lot of things that happen after the 2 hours I’ve woken up then. Although the article says that it, “the most severe impairments were evident…during the first three minutes after awakening from an eight-hour sleep.” So basically I am assuming that if one sleeps less than 8 hours there is less impairment to deal with when waking up–then again I am only assuming this. Also what if one sleeps more than 8 hours–does the ‘sleep inertia’ continue to linger? Does ‘sleep inertia’ have ill long-term effects on the body? Well the article does say the following, “We found the cognitive skills of test subjects were worse upon awakening than after extended sleep deprivation.” So basically don’t sleep it’s bad for you–because when you sleep you attain ‘sleep inertia’ which may be bad or as worse than being legally drunk.

“License and Registration Please. How long have you been up? How long have you slept? Do you know your sleep inertia is past the state limit?”


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