Downloading Music Creates Apathy?

This is another one of those studies that the RIAA most likely funded and/or will use to say that downloading music legally or illegally hurts the artist, hurts the audience and all other kinds of out of bent stuff like that. I mean come on, “The accessibility of music has meant that it is taken for granted and does not require a deep emotional commitment once associated with music appreciation.” What? How much was he paid to say that. What does that even mean? ‘Deep emotional commitment’–give me a break. I’m listening to music, I’m not dating the music, or the artist–come on. “In the 19th century, music was seen as a highly valued treasure with fundamental and near-mystical powers of human communication.” What the crap is he talking about? My response to that statement is it still is a ‘highly valued teasure’ and having ‘near-mystical powers’ just not as much as it is to the stinkin’ RIAA. “The degree of accessibility and choice has arguably led to a rather passive attitude towards music heard in everyday life. In short, our relationship to music in everyday life may well be complex and sophisticated, but it is not necessarily characterised by deep emotional investment.” Wow the article is not telling me that I have a ‘passive attitude towards music heard in everyday life’ yet he doesn’t know me or you. It is not saying that it will or has or that it might–it is stating it like as if everybody in world was known and that they talked to everyone on the planet before writing this. Again, ‘relationship to music…not necessarily characterised by deep emotional investment’? I’m not going to go out with the music and then marry it. I don’t listen to something and say, “And for this track I will strive to have a deep emotional investment to it as to not have a passive attitude towards it.” No, you just hit play, sing along, relax or do whatever. I guess now according to this listening to music is on the same level if not higher than dating someone. Great. Next thing you know the RIAA is going to be issuing a listening license to listen to certain music. “This CD requires that you have a class R(ap) endorsement to listen.”


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