Arnold Schwarzenegger Had A Motorcycle Crash

If you did not know, well, now you do know. He got into a crash with his son as well. They were not seriously injured or anything like that. Arnold got 15 stitches on his lip though. But I was reading that he doesn’t have an endorsement on his driver’s license to drive a motorcycle. Could this be the reason why he crashed? Because he doesn’t know how to drive one? Now I am not saying that he does or does not I am just saying. But he said that the reason that he had not gotten an endorsement, meaning taken a motorcycle test both written and the going on the bike because he’d “never thought about it,” that he, “just never really applied for it,” and “It was just one of those things that I never really did.” Because he never thought about it…right? But what is there to think about? That’s what I want to know. Was it the answers to the questions on the test that he never thought about or what? Because I don’t know to what he is refering to there. The article says, “he had a motorcycle license when he lived in Europe, but never thought about getting another one after he arrived in the United States in 1968.” That was almost 38 years ago! So okay at least I know what he never thought about but why didn’t he ever think about getting one? Didn’t he have a license in Europe to drive a car? Why did he think about getting one here if he had one then in Europe too right? Or maybe he doesn’t even have a license to drive here too. Maybe he’s never thought about that too. Maybe he’s never thought about anything at all. Just a thought.


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