Charged With A Felony For Refeshing A Page

Give this kid an internship as a security analyst or something. Boarden his knowledge in Network Security. ‘Computer Crime’? Give me a break–stupidity on the part of whoever handled the maintaining of the school’s server. Because if a kid can slow down a server by holding  down the F5 key and the school ‘called a technician who discovered the problem and its source” and an 18 year old found the problem and exploited it. Something is wrong with this picture. “Situations where students are misusing computers…” no, where those in charge have not half the brain to deal with those security holes and faults in the system thinking that it will be okay because no one can will figure them out. But when the figuring out does occur and the expolitation of that begins they call it a ‘crime’ where in fact ingenuinity and curiosity have played a part, they call a ‘crime’. If those in power cannot handle the responsibilty of safeguarding and the overseeing of things digital then they have no right to be making things that would be accessible via digital means.


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