Independent Music Stores Closing Down

It might be a sign of the times, independent music stores having to close down. The article list a number of reasons why these stores are closing among them downloading, CD Burning, and stores like Wal-Mart and Best Buy that have a ‘loss-leader’ approach to CDs. But truly I think that the real reason that the stores are shutting down is that people have become less attracted to that means of distributing and have taken the approach of the ‘have-it-all-store’ “…and look…there is music!” They no longer have the allure or see the fascination of those stores and therefore have no desire to go there and purchase their music there. What should be done and then again this is just me saying this is trying out a new medium by which the old medium can survive for example on the internet…local independent music stores but even that might not be feasible.


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