Google Points, A Revolution In The Making?

Google Points first brought to my attention by Google Blogoscoped wherein, “Google users who search when logged in, Gmail users, Blogspot bloggers etc. will get points based on their usage.” Is something that should be closely watched that if Google does announces something of this nature where points award Google AdWords not to the cousumer but to businesses would be astounding if not revolutionary. How so? As the article entitled: “What Google Should Announce at CES” expresses, “the hassles of dealing with micro-payments, banking fraud and federal regulations.” If there were such a thing in place Google would become the holder of currency that would see no inflation and could be used worldwide and the program would “take a small percentage to transfer the points, and those companies could use the points to buy ads. Google could also offer to pay sites in the AdSense program with Google points that would be worth more in AdWords cash-value than a straight cash payout.” Also as the article goes on to say it would, “be the best way to drive a payment system without actually having to deal with dirty pennies.” which is where Google Wallet would fall into the picture. Then again these are just speculations.


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