Crowd Profiling

Was what a fairly old post by Kevin Rose was called and which provoked me to think of something else that it could be used for and if he speaks to loud just might be. The purpose of the ‘profiling’ that Kevin speaks of is to tell a band “which songs were most popular, which songs resonated with a certain demographic, how popular they are in this city vs. others, or compare their statistics against other bands at the same concert.” The ‘profiling’ would involve the use of audio and video. What grabbed my attention was the following: “The overhead cams would track foot-traffic and movement patterns from song-to-song within the crowd.  The venue/crowd sections could be broken into several areas: a) die hard fans b) solid fans c) general interest d) observers.” Which brought to my mind that such an implementation could or if not might already be put or is going to be put in place to deal with terrorists or would be terrorist in airports, train stations, museums, government buildings, etc. He states that, “Left, right, center and rear cameras: These cameras would track emotional movement and also handle demographic profiling. Head bobbing, hands in the air, applauding (audio/video), and facial expressions would all be analyzed. Age and sex information could also be extrapolated (Las Vegas security systems currently use this technology to compare captured facial profiles against a database of known gambling cheaters).” The same would be implemented but would be compared to a database of known states of suspicion of would be terrorist or to classify people. Also the overhead cams would monitor ‘foot-traffic and movement patterns’ of people and would flag those which went aganist the normal pattern of others. Such a thing as he states would be a huge invasion of privacy.  Of course he has written it off but the question is will the Government write it off?


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