First U.S. HD-DVD By Toshiba


Let me start off by saying that this thing is huge. In the words of the first commentator on the post: “holy crap that’s bigger than an 80’s VHS player”. So yeah this thing is “bigger than an XBox“. I don’t think I’ll be buying this player any time soon though. It would be nice to see movies in High Definition and stuff but waiting for the movies I want to come out in HD DVD is going to take a while. I’m still waiting for some things to come out in DVD actually. Then again I might but what for? I’d have to justify my purchasing of such a big product. As you could “fit an ATX mobo inside with all you need to build a (full HD) HTPC”.


One thought on “First U.S. HD-DVD By Toshiba

  1. […] Wow–just an inch bigger than the one that was the biggest TV made by two South Korean companies. I don’t think I know how big that is on a TV. It’d be a perfect match with that huge HD-DVD player that is going to be coming out–although with the 103 inch TV it would be really small. Where you would you actually put something like that? Oh yeah in really big house. […]

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