So Lindsay Lohan Was Doing Drugs


I had recently read over at The Superficial how that Lindsay had been admitted to a hospital in Miami for ‘severe asthma’. Now I am by no means saying that the asthma was not valid, but what I am commenting on is something that was said on the post in The Superficial. Which was the following: “Usually when a celebrity gets hospitalized for something other than being old or giving birth, it means they’re either getting plastic surgery or doing some top secret drug rehab.” The statment in the post is truly ironic when I went over to the NY Post and read the headline (pardon the caps, as I am not screaming): “LINDSAY BARES ALL IN A SHOCKER“. The article goes on to say that she was, “so bulimic that she couldn’t stand the sight of her own skeletal figure.” and that she, “blames her train-wreck teen years on an emotionally destructive dad, killer stress from the cutthroat Hollywood biz, and her heartbreaking bust-up with hunky first-love actor Wilmer Valderrama.” So yeah I’d say it was somewhere along the lines of ‘top secret drug rehab’ or something to that extent.


One thought on “So Lindsay Lohan Was Doing Drugs

  1. […] What? Okay now I’m confused. So first she had said that she was doing drugs to Vanity Fair in an interview. Also reported in the NY Post it was that she revealed a shocker in Vanity Fair. But now she is saying that her words were ‘misused’, that ‘they are lies’ and that they are ‘changing her words’ and ‘misconstrucing’ things? Okay. Well then what now? It is best put as it was in The Superficial, “It’s not that she’s a compulsive liar when it comes to her drug use and eating disorders, it’s just that she’s a totally compulsive liar when it comes to her drug use and eating disorders.” […]

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