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Fair Use Explained

“In the midst of a ‘haiku essay’ project: each essay is exactly 99 words long, plus one for the title,” Fair Use is explained. Below is the one for Fair Use…Copyright:

I love music, movies, and books. I also love technology. I want to use technology to deliver the media I love anywhere, anywhen, with anyone.

This is fair use: I bought it, let me use it. I will tell all my friends about my favorite music. I might play it for them or even give them a digital version of a song. This is evangelism, not theft. This is advertising you cannot buy.

Restrictive copyright is like a vegetarian knife. You bought the knife, but if you cut meat with it, we’ll sue you. Excuse me? Let’s think again.”


2600 To Be Illegal?

Well 2600: The Hacker Quarterly might soon be illegal in the U.K. if new changes to the Police and Justic Bill go through. Basically the new changes say it would be illegal to: “to make, adapt, supply, or offer to supply any article which is designed or adapted to impair the operation of a computer, prevent or hinder access to a computer, or impair the operation of any program or access to any data.” Which would really suck for 2600 readers in the U.K.–talk about Free Speech huh?

Make Windows Look Like A Mac

It seems that you can transform a Windows XP Computing enviorment into one that looks and feels like Mac OSX. All you have to do is download the transformation pack from FlyakiteOSX. Although I point out several things I found strange on FlyakiteOSX ( toward the bottom of the page it states, “Please Note: is NOT associated with this
software at all.”

Chris Kite

>From: Webmaster <>
>To: Chris Kite <>
>Subject: Re: You know….
>Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2005 02:10:29 -0600
“,1] ); //–> is the official site for FlyakiteOSX. This site is NOT associated with this software at all.” Huh? Upon going to: I am presented with the following statement, “This site and its contents are not endorsed, associated or affiliated with Apple Computers, Inc.© in any way. If you are looking for more information about Apple software or hardware, please visit” Afterwards there is a link to a javascript application which ask me to log in. Now I am not sure what all of this means and what it has to do with making Windows look like a Mac but the fact that it has, “FlyakiteOSX DOES NOT contain any spyware or ad-ware of any kind.” worries me some. So if you use try this take heed as it may or may not be what it claims to be.

Google China ‘Cracked’

Apparently in Google China “by replacing “&meta=” with “&meta=cr%3DcountryBR” in the URL…the censorship will not affect the results.” This arose after being dugg over there by Noamsml. I guess you could call this search on Google China for: “democracy china” proof, but as to how long and if it truly works in China remains uncertain.

Playboy Scouting On MySpace

The site reads: “ Seeks The Girls Of MySpace For A Nude Pictorial.” I agree with UNEASYsilence when they say, “Great. As if the MySpace network was not already overflowing with countless women wearing little to nothing in order to attract other MySpace users into sending messages or add requests, Playboy has to step in to thrust the numbers higher.” So what exactly is it that they ask for? To be considered, you must submit the following:
• At least two current snapshots: one headshot and one full-body shot (bikini or nude)
• A clear and legible copy of a government-issued photo ID proving you are 18 or older. If you have two IDs, even better.
• Your MySpace display name and e-mail address so we can verify your membership in the MySpace community

So now MySpace has another thing to be known for–Playboy Recuriting Ground.

Stealing Windows Code

I remember when the Windows code was leaked on the internet and thinking to how it happened–then I remembered that Windows has a huge hole, or that it is a hole. But anyways I guess this was the guy that did it, Willian Genovese Jr., living in Connecticut or “illwill.” He was sentenced to two years Prison on Friday. For “stealing the source code to Microsoft’s Windows Operating System, along with many other prized products. Genovese posted a message on his Web site offering the code for sale on the same day that Microsoft learned significant portions of its source code were stolen. Genovese was arrested when an investigator for an online security company hired by Microsoft and an undercover FBI agent downloaded the stolen source code from his Web site after sending him electronic payments for it.” One thing is for sure I agree with my friend Chrono Tron about Microsoft getting a deal with the guy to learn of holes in their security and then plug it. Because if, “Microsoft is not sure as to how the source code was stolen…” and yet it was this guy must know something that they don’t know.

Looking Out For No. 1

This article is full of numbers and it is no surprise as it is in relation to numbers. Usually I would pass reading or writing on things of this sort but I found this one particularly interesting. The article is on the subject of Benford’s Law or the first-digit law which says that in lists of numbers from many real-life sources of data, the leading digit 1 occurs much more often than the others (namely about 30% of the time). “So what?” you ask me. Well, the I found the article interesting as it spoke of this mathematical theorem known as “a powerful and relatively simple tool for pointing suspicion at frauds, embezzlers, tax evaders, sloppy accountants and even computer bugs.” So I began to think to myself that such a thing could actually be maybe somehow applied to the problem of spam and things of that sort. “How?” you may ask. I really don’t know off the top of my head. Hey I only said I found the article interesting and that I had that thought come to me not that I had actually come up with the implementation of it. But when and if I do I’ll make sure to write about it.